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Shotcrete Walls

Shotcrete walls construction is a construction technique of spraying a wet concrete or mortar conveyed concrete propelled through a hose and pneumatically projected at a high velocity onto a wall.

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Purpose of Shotcrete Walls

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The Process

  • After the detailed excavation between the piers to engineer specification, allowing enough room for Socked aggi pipes, the reinforcement is delivered to site.
  • Started bars are drilled and epoxied into bored piers and bent to engineers’ specifications
  • Agricultural socked slotted pipes are installed between bored piers
  • Reinforcement mesh (to engineers’ specification) is hung and tied to starter bar to allow for the right concrete cover
  • The top of the shotcrete wall and all external corners are formed
  • Shotcrete is sprayed to the wall, levelled and trowelled to the desired finish
  • All excess shotcrete is cleaned and removed from site to make way for the next trade.

The advantages of this methodology are: speed and convenience, shotcrete walls are cost-effective and space saving.

Roles and Responsibilities: Shotcrete Walls

Roniak Group: Client:

- Conduct detailed excavation between piers to engineers specification to allow room for socked aggi pipes and reinforcement

- Organize reinforcement to be delivered to site

- Drill and epoxy starter bars into bored piers (as per engineers specification)

- Installation of agricultural socked slotted pipes between bored piers

- Hang reinforcement mesh (to engineers specification)

- Create formwork for top of wall and external corners

- Spraying of shotcrete including levelling and trowelled to desired finish

- Cleaning and removal of excess shotcrete from site ready for next trade to start

- Book relevant building surveyor inspections

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