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Concrete Reinforced Columns

Concrete reinforced columns or load bearing walls are a vertical support structures designed to carry comprehensive loads and to transmit the weight to the foundation. Concrete reinforced columns are constructed of concrete with an embedded steel frame to provide reinforcement and support the beams and slabs.

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Purpose of Concrete Reinforced Columns

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The Process

  • Following the process of basement footings construction, if the project requires load bearing wall or columns to support the building this is the next step of the basement construction.
  • Reinforcement is supplied and installed on site.
  • Concrete reinforced columns or concrete walls are formed.
  • Concrete is poured into the form via concrete pump.
  • Finally, once the concrete has set, usually 24 hours, the forms are stripped.

Roles and Responsibilities: Concrete Reinforced Columns

Roniak Group: Client:

- To organize load bearing wall or columns to support the building (if require dby engineer)

- Organizing supply of reinforcement and lay into required position

- Forming of concrete wall columns

- Stripping of form work (this is usually completed 24 hours after concrete has been poured)

- Supply detailed engineering drawings of works required

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