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Building underground car parks

November 22, 2020

Underground car parks are becoming more and more mainstream among the owner builders, developers and design and construct underground parking contractors in Melbourne and the reason for this is space. Underground parking or basement car parks, multi-storey car parks and car parks in residential and commercial buildings became very common and a major user of developable land.

Underground Car Parks

Why underground car parks?

Underground or basement car parks are parking facilities that are built beneath the ground, either in the basement of a building, residential house or beneath a street.

Underground parking projects that are integrated into the urban development projects provide a lot of long-term benefits and improvements to the overall quality of the construction project and its surrounding community. Some of these long-term benefits are convenient and centrally located parking as well as removing the parking structures from street frontage. They are also hidden from the view and can provide enhanced security and weather protection for vehicles.

In a number of cases basement car parks are the finest solution where parking structures need to provide improved parking conditions and quality of the community. If not planned and evaluated properly, underground car parks can have significant negative impact.

Underground Car Parks

Underground car stacker parks 

Underground car park frees up above ground areas of the residential land, giving homeowners extra space for their outdoor living areas. One of the design and construct solutions that Roniak Group provides for freeing even more space for your above ground living area is building an underground car park with car stacker parking systems. If you are in a need of safely and securely park two or even more cars in a space that previously held only one car then we have the right car stacker pit construction solution for you. We design, dig and construct car stacker pits for solving your parking problems.

Underground Car Parks

How are underground car parks built?

Underground car parks are constructed using steel sheet piles as a retaining structure, and concrete floors are designed to stabilise the finished structure. 

Roniak Group latest project in Eaglomount, Melbourne, shows you the construction phases of building an underground car park for seven luxury residential houses.  Watch the complete project video below:

Have a look at our complete work building the underground car parking project in Eagelmount in Melbourne, here.

Understanding the primary design and construction issues is significant while planning an underground car parking solution, therefore choosing an experienced and dedicated Design and Construct Underground Parking Contractor is crucial in your construction plans.

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