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Advantages of bored piles and commonly used methods

October 19, 2020

Bored Piles, also referred to as replacement piles or drilled shaft are widely used type of construction foundation that supports buildings, holding the frameworks carrying heavy vertical loads in place and transferring their bearing load to rock or soil layers with adequate bearing ability and acceptable settlement characteristics.

Piling machine on site

The bored pile is a concrete cast-in-place, meaning that the pile is mounted on the construction site. The structure differs from other concrete foundation designs, such as spun piles or reinforced concrete square pile foundations, which make use of precast concrete platforms.

Bored Piling Process

The installation process of a bored pile using a bored piling machine, begins by digging a vertical hole into the ground. Before the start of the bored piles construction, the soil report must be prepared. Based on the information in the soil report the Contractor Company will decide on the  selection of the right methods and technology for the bored piles.

In order to remove the soil and rock, the piling machine can be equipped with specially built drilling tools, aces and buckets. Bored piles can be drilled up to 60 meters deep and up to 2.4 meters in diameter. The drilling method can involve pushing a temporary steel cylinder, or sleeve, into the soil, which remains intact at the upper part of the hole until the pile is poured.  

When the hole has been drilled, the foundation of the reinforced steel rebar is installed and lowered into the hole, then the hole is filled with concrete. In order to support the construction above, the top of the pile may be covered with a footing or pier near the ground level.

piling rig

Piles can be stacked next to each other, within a distance between 75-150 mm, referred to as the contiguous pile wall, or they can be arranged in a way that correlates, providing secure and durable fencing, often used to control the groundwater flow.

The piles formed in the unified ground conditions are known as the bored piers. As an alternative of the Bored Piles, Bored Piers are often used in Basement Construction as it allows the basement to be constructed right on the boundary whilst retaining any neigbouring buildings. 

What are the advantages of Bored Piles?

The key advantages of the bored piles over the traditional footings or drilled shafts include:

  • Bored Piles can be used for massive construction complexes where the load of the vertical building structures is huge.
  • Bored Piles can be used in difficult soil conditions.
  • Piles can be extended to go beyond the depths of the frost penetration and seasonal moisture variation.
  • While Bored Piling is in process, there is no need for massive excavations of large amount of ground and subsequent backfill is minimized.
  • Very high load capacity. Large capacity caissons can be constructed by expanding the base of the pile shaft up to 3 times the shaft diameter and eliminating the need for covers over multiple pile. There are many design situations, where higher capacities and economics are obtained using bored piles.
  • Can be installed in a wide range of soil and rock conditions. Piles of any length can be easily extended through any soil type such as soft, loose or swelling soils into the suitable bearing material.
  • Reduced vibrations and noise. There are less vibrations during bore pile foundation and less disruption to the vertical structures or adjacent piles.
  • There is minimal deformation and less perturbation to neighbouring regions while the work is in progress, since the boring is done on the specific site.
  • For many design situations Piling Contractors can offer bored piles with higher capacities with potentially better profitability then the traditional piles.

Bored piling work must be undertaken by an experienced, skilled and reliable bored piling contractor. It is a highly specialised process that involves extensive expertise and experience in the construction work and bored piles engineering, as well as a thorough knowledge of the design and mechanics of bored piles, soil and working site conditions.

We are ready to supply you with an optimised piling solution, whether installed as an individual foundation component or a retaining wall.

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